Immediate Dentures

At confa-dental, we can take an impression of your mouth while your teeth are still present. Models of your mouth are then produced, we can then do simulated extractions on the models and place the denture teeth as close as you require to your natural setting and correct many things about tooth position that you may not be happy with at present.

When your teeth are extracted, your new immediate denture is ready to be inserted. In this way you never have to walk around without teeth for up to several months whilst your bone and gums heal. whilst waiting for a new denture.

In order to compensate for the rapid changes that occur during healing, a temporary denture lining may be used to adapt the fit surface of the denture to the present size and shape of the supportive tissues. The duration of the effectiveness of the lining depends upon when the lining is done and the degree of shrinkage in your mouth.

Once healing has occurred, after approximately 4-6 months, you will either need a reline of your immediate denture or the fabrication of an entirely new one.

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