Products & Services

Full Dentures

With advanced denture materials, we can create comfortable and durable dentures that have a natural look.

Partial Dentures

Oral health histories and projected health conditions will be be evaluated to determine the best benefits in function and overall aesthetics.

Immediate Dentures

You never have to walk around without teeth for up to several months whilst your bone and gums heal, whilst waiting for a new denture.


Dentures are designed to last for 5-7 years and just as with natural teeth, must be regularly serviced and maintained in order to achieve that lifespan.


Do not use superglue or attempt to fix it yourself in anyway. If possible keep all the broken pieces together and soak them in a glass of cold water until your appointment with confa-dental.

Cosmetic Denture Makeovers

We offer a range of teeth which are more natural looking and can customise to your specific look; everything from bright white to dark staining, irregular settings and charactorisation of gums.

Denture Care Training

Cleaning your dentures every day is one of the most important things you can do to help your smile keep its attractive appearance.

Custom Mouthguards

Made specifically to your sport in a range of colours and patterns.

Financial Assistance

We offer a variety of financial assitance such as on the spot claims, payment plans and discounts for specific card holders.